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Personal Injury Chiropractic Specialists & Doctors On Lien Serving Patients in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chiropractors knows and insists that the human body is equipped with the tools to heal itself naturally. Chiropractors view the body holistically and thus use their hands and other non-invasive stimuli to encourage the body to work within itself to heal the joints and muscles injured in a car accidentat work, or outside of work. In short, chiropractic relieves or eliminates back, neck, and headache pain while concurrently improving range of motion.

An adjustment by a personal injury chiropractic specialist (or spinal manipulation) is needed after a soft tissue injury because it helps to restore joint mobility and range of motion through the application of manual force into the injured joints. Soft tissue that has been injured experiences physical – even chemical – changes that are the root cause of the pain, restricted motion, and inflammation. Once range of motion and inflammation are restored, the soft tissues are allowed to heal on their own.

A chiropractic adjustment is not painful but there may be times when the patient will experience a mild soreness which is akin to the soreness felt after exercising muscles for the first time. If you’ve experienced this, then you know the soreness goes away after a day or two.

If the patient has been in a car accident or experienced a personal injury, chiropractic is oftentimes the primary or, at least, the complementary treatment that supports medical treatment. Chiropractic treatments will relieve the musculoskeletal pain and restrictions thus facilitating the additional medical treatment.

It is important to note that chiropractors can assess a musculoskeletal condition through clinical examination, lab testing, and diagnostic imaging to determine the method of treatment or if treatment is necessary. If chiropractic care is not commensurate to the injury, we will recommend an alternate health care provider.


We Are Doctors Working On Liens Treating Personal Injury

The Los Angeles Chiropractors are doctors on liens which means that we treat your personal injury pain without charging you any out-of-pocket fees.