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Dr Al Nikroo - Personal Injury Chiropractor Los AngelesDr. Al Nikroo, Doctor of Chiropractic and Personal Injury Specialist

Based on Los Angeles, Dr. Nikroo is an energetic, enthusiastic, and caring personal injury specialist. As a doctor of chiropractic, he has extensive experience successfully treating personal injury, car accident cases, and sports injuries.

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Dr. Matthew Bernstein - Doctor of Chiropractic Los AngelesDr. Matthew Bernstein, Doctor of Chiropractic and Personal Injury Specialist

Dr. Bernstein, doctor of chiropractic and personal injury specialist, integrates chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, nutrition, and exercise physiology in the treatment and prevention of physical disorders in his LAX office in Los Angeles. His multi-disciplinary approach to treating patients can include, when appropriate, massage therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurological surgeons, neurologists and other specialized professionals. He has been extensively published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and the National Journal of Strength and Conditioning in the field of exercise physiology.

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Jonathan Escalante - Personal Injury Massage Therapist Los AngelesJonathan Escalante, Personal Injury Massage Therapist

Jonathan’s massage therapy expertise centers on Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, infant, sports massage, trigger point, energy, chair massage, and reflexology in his LAX office in Los Angeles. His sessions are aligned in accordance with your physical needs and, if you’re a chiropractic patient, in accordance with Dr. Bernstein’s treatments.

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