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Personal Injury Specialists & Doctors On Lien in Los Angeles

Personal Injury Specialists Los AngelesChiropractic treatment can mitigate or eliminate health problems you may experience as a result of a personal injury in Los Angeles. Personal injury is bodily injury occurring outside of work (conversely, workers’ comp claims occur in or at your place of employment).

Personal injury typically occurs as a result of a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, a slip and fall, or other mishaps.

We employ specialized and custom chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, nutrition, exercise physiology, and massage therapy to treat patients with personal injuries such as joint pain, muscle spasms, whiplash, and a range of motion issues. If you’ve been in an accident in Los Angeles, it is a must that you consider chiropractic treatment. We are personal injury specialists in diagnosing and manipulatively treating misalignments and spasms. If left unchecked, you may suffer long-term issues that can negatively affect your nerves, spine, muscles, and organs.


We Are Doctors Working On Liens Treating Personal Injury

We are doctors on liens meaning there is no out-of-pocket cost to you for treatment of a personal injury. We also work with many types of insurance providers and we can assist you in filing your personal injury claim.
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